Innovate in the Jungle

Our tailored package for Corporate or start ups with VC funding includes:

  • 5 Days at a Retreat Spa in Northern Thailand
  • Coaching to switch on the intuition
  • 1-2-1 coaching session (60 mins each person)
  • Group innovation exercises (5 hours p/day)
  • Physical Group activities & individual treatments to refresh the body and get the brain working
  • Group Output Innovation Results
    • Day 1 – Orientation & Opening the Intuition
    • Day 2 – Relationships
    • Day 3 – Creating What We Want
    • Day 4 – Your Unique Way to Innovate: Disruption or Incremental Growth?
    • Day 5 – Consolidate & Commit

A typical day runs 7am – 7pm. Three vegetarian meals are included. No alcohol or drugs are permitted. This is about detox, stripping back to basics so that we can build on a blank sheet of paper. All physical activities are tailored for the group. Please inform us of any special needs or dietary requirements and we will seek to accommodate.